Sioux Falls Events

Searching for a Sioux Falls location to hold your business or corporate event, trade show, military activation, or other event? The Coliseum located in downtown Sioux Falls at the Multi-Cultural Center offers an event experience in a venue with immense history and character.


Whether your event is expecting 40 people or 400, the Coliseum can accommodate you and help make sure the event goes on as smoothly as possible.


Event Space & Parking

One of the best things about the Coliseum’s design is the large open space – 9,400 square feet to be exact! Up to 480 people can be seated banquet-style on the main floor of the event center, with an additional room for 300 people seated conference-style in the balcony. This makes it one of the largest event venues in Sioux Falls!

Parking for the Coliseum can be found in nearby public city lots, parking ramps, and along Main Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls. Parking is free on the weekends, as well as after 5 p.m. on weekdays. Learn more about parking at the Coliseum here

Event space is Sioux Falls

Vendors & Rental Information

Don’t need the venue for the entire day? For non-wedding events, the Coliseum utilizes an hourly rental agreement so you pay for only the time you’re utilizing the event space!


What’s included when you rent the Coliseum for your downtown Sioux Falls event? 

  • Fully-licensed commercial kitchen

  • Banquet chairs

  • Round and banquet-style tables

  • Projector screen

  • Wireless microphone 

  • An "Event Supervisor" who will be on-site throughout your event day. 


While some Sioux Falls event centers may require you to select certain food and entertainment vendors, the Coliseum gives you the flexibility to choose your own vendors. What's more, many local vendors are already familiar with our facilities due to our long history of hosting events in Sioux Falls!


Want to learn more about the Coliseum’s event space? Please contact us and we’d be more than happy to learn more about your event and discuss how we can help. 


Ready to book your Sioux Falls event? You can reserve your date along with a refundable $375 deposit for standard events and $750 deposit for weddings.